Nicki Schrader

Our author is Nichole Schrader. Nicki is the wife of Ryan Schrader and has 3 wonderful children, two daughters-in-law and three grandchildren! Nicki and Ryan serve as elders at our church. Nicki is an incredibly talented woman and has a beautiful heart for God. She is the writer of the Crazy Stupid Life Blog which can be find at Thank you Nicki for your great words of encouragement. 

Ryan & Nicki Schrader

Hi Guys! Ryan and I have been at Lighthouse now for well over 10 years and have found that it is just the “home” we needed. We are involved in many of the Church’s inner workings and love every minute of it. Ryan is a trustee and is often found working behind the scenes counting and budgeting. We are both involved in greeting which is Ryan’s absolute favorite part. He always said he wanted to be a Wal-mart greeter when he retired so he is in his element here! 

We are also involved in many of the marriage ministries here at the church. We do pre-marriage counseling and have been involved in the planning of many marriage conferences and Sunday Schools over the years as well. 

Twice a month we have a small group bible study at our house and love hanging out with so many great people while digging into God's word. 

Lately we have felt that God has been really speaking to us about keeping our eyes on Him and being obedient to His leading. The world is a crazy place these days and we need the hope that only He can bring.